Erotic Massage Singapore


Whether you are in Singapore for business or pleasure, an experience that should not be missed at any cost is an erotic massage sensual massage Singapore. If you did not know it already, let us take the opportunity to tell you that seasoned tourists in Singapore are well versed with the fact that a sensual massage Singapore is one of the tourist highlights! And it is not without reason. This is not just any porn gimmick or trap that we are talking about. An erotic massage Singapore uses the best principles of tantra massage to awaken and heighten your natural sensuality. Whether you are a gentleman or a lady, an erotic massage Singapore is something that will not only relax you completely but will give your couple life the zest that you are perhaps seeking.

Make a prudent choice

You can opt for an erotic massage Singapore either in the privacy of your hotel room or you can call and book an appointment with any reputed Singapore massage parlour. You can use the local directories or make a quick internet search and you will find at least a dozen options you can take your pick from. A parlour or a spa that offers a sensual massage Singapore will be upfront and professional about the services they provide and will suggest that you are in the full know of the terms and conditions and the costs you will incur.

When you agree or opt for an erotic massage Singapore, you are submitting not just your body but your soul to a trained therapist who will take you on a journey that is one of a kind. An erotic massage Singapore can be compared to a something like a magic spell, that dispels all the tension and stress that has built up in your body and have made your natural sensual energies ebb away. If you find yourself an easy prey to stress these days that has also begun impacting your love-enhancing life, a sensual massage Singapore is an experience you should most definitely opt for.

An erotic massage Singapore applies the ancient and revered principles of Tantra that has its roots in Hinduism. Ancient Hindus used to worship the essential area of men as the lingam or the wand of light and the yoni of women as the holy vessel of creation. Together the lingam and yoni were known to be the very focal point of life, that kept the universe in balance. It is till today that these lofty ideals are put in practice while giving a sensual massage Singapore to a lady or a gentleman.


A sensual massage begins with you putting you in a state of complete relaxation. Though you will not have a thread on your body, it is the job of the therapist to see that you are not uncomfortable. He or she will therefore use dim lights, soothing music, aromatic candles to create an ambience. The oils used in a sensual massage too are not just any over the counter oils. They are prepared meticulously with much care and concern using special conctions. When applied on your body during a sensual massage these oils have an important role to play in the experiences you go through.

The entire focus of a sensual or an erotic massage Singapore is not to give you love pleasure but to awake your sensitivity that may have become dormant somewhere along the way. An experienced massage therapist awakens this dormant sensual synergy that not only releases your stress, but brings your best emotions to the fore. We can stick out our neck and say that once you have experienced a sensual massage Singapore, you are bound to have better relations with your partner.

We strongly advise you not to go in with any preconceived notions about a sensual massage Singapore. A professional therapist’s job is to awaken your kundalini that is the base chakra of your body. This chakra is situated right above your reproductive organ and is responsible for your love enhancement energies. Do bear in mind that the end result of a sensual massage Singapore is not just libido, although you are likely to have not just one but several eroticism during the process, indicating that the stress has been released and your Kundalini is now experiencing positive flow of energies.

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