Lingam Massage & Yoni Massage Singapore

Stress and tensions have become so entwined with our daily lives, that without us knowing it, it becomes an all encompassing whole impacting every sphere of our lives.

There are many men amongst us who are seemingly normal and are going about their daily chores but they nestle a deep hurt inside because they are unable to perform well or climax too soon, leaving their partner unsatisfied.

More often than not they are so guilt ridden and ashamed of the fact that they don’t share their anguish with anyone. If you are facing a similar problem, read on, for we have a great suggestion for you.

If you are bogged down with performance issues in your intimate life you must give Lingam massage & Yoni Massage Singapore a chance.

A refreshing and rejuvenating experience

You may not believe us, till you experience it yourself, and neither will we ask you to! For a lingam massage Singapore however well described will only seem out of the world when you try it out yourself. Singapore as you may be aware of is a popular tourist destination of the East and it has over the years built quite a reputation as the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. A lot of this has to do with the excellent salons and spas that boast of staff who are polite, well trained and professional.

This is not to say that there are no shady people who disguise pornography as erotic massage, but you are obviously discerning enough to make a prudent choice. If you are interested in putting back the zest in your sexual life you need to find a good therapist who is adept in the art of lingam massage Singapore. Lingam massage Singapore is based on the ancient Hindu tradition of Tantra. According to ancient Hinduism the lingam is an object of worship because it is the creator of life. In fact lingam roughly translates as “the wand of light” from Sanskrit, an age old Indian language.

Working in reverence

It is believed that when the lingam and the yoni (the vagina) are in perfect unison, the balance of life is maintained.

It is thus that Lingam massage Singapore is meted out as if a prayer was being offered to you. Your therapist will begin by asking you to undress completely and lie on your back.

The first and foremost task she has is to make you feel completely relaxed. She will start by massaging your arms, shoulders and neck.

A massage therapist who has been trained in the ancient art of tantra uses her hands and fingers as a tool to understand your body. It is however recommended that you do frank chat with her before you begin your session.

However, do bear in mind that just because she is giving you a lingam massage Singapore, does not mean that she will extend the favors to you.

If you make any untoward suggestions she is likely to be offended and stop her session wherever she is.

The key to enjoying a good lingam massage is to take in and feel every sensation that the experts hands of the massage therapist is taking you through.

Once your body is totally relaxed she will move towards your thighs and start massaging your inner thighs. Do not be excitable or jumpy at this stage. Instead just let yourself sink in a world of happiness.

There is a definite technique of a lingam massage Singapore that your massage therapist will use. She will pour a little bit of warm oil at the essential area and work her way downwards through the scotum and perineum and use varied strokes and pressures to find out what is working best. It is likely that you will peak during the progress of the session, but remember that is not the goal of a lingam massage Singapore.

During the course of the session you will find yourself going through various crests and troughs of pain, pleasure and sheer bliss. Let all these emotions come to the fore during a lingam massage Singapore and enjoy each sensation to the fullest.

If you have really submitted your body in the hands of a therapist you will find that a lingam massage has indeed worked wonders for you not just temporarily, but has brought back what was lacking in your life!

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