Mutual Massage Singapore

Improves your relationship

If you want to make the most of this special moment while you are in Singapore and do not mind loosening your purse strings a bit, you may want to consider a mutual massage Singapore or known as exchange massage to make your experience one of a kind that you will not forget in a hurry.

The standard kind of massage may not be able to satisfy your special needs. As a result you are likely to find yourself unable to sensually aroused and achieve satisfactory. While you may feel something is lacking in the common massage you can find everywhere but somewhere heart of hearts you wish there could be some special massage that could be done to address these issues! The answer is mutual massage – a massage that allows you to understand more about your soul, heighten your spirit to a whole new level and reach the peak of the ecstasy. Not only that it offers rejuvenation, it also exchanges the knowledge by educating and transferring the recipients new techniques. Even after the session, you are equipped with the essential techniques and able to perform it with your loved one. As result, it will further improve your relationship as well! This mutual massage can be done through home massage or hotel massage wherever makes your feel comfortable and relaxed.

It doesn’t matter if you have a partner with you as it commonly serves as an add-on massage after the couple massage session. This can be performed to enhance your relationship by teaching the couple massage techniques so they can perform to each other in the future.

Submit to your therapist

Well then, let us tell you a mutual massage Singapore is a perfect solution to your problems. If you have never experienced a mutual massage you may not have an idea about how relaxing and rejuvenating it is, and what’s more it breathes a fresh lease of life to your sexual relationships washing away all the stress and strain. We would however advise you to pick a massage therapists carefully, or if you do not like the idea of exposing your troubles in a spa or a parlour you can fix an appointment with a mutual massage therapist who will come and conduct the session for you in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room. Needless to say such an option will cost you much more than visiting a parlour or a spa.
At the outset you must bear a few things in mind. Your massage therapist is here to help you so do not slight her inappropriately in a disrespectful manner. When you are going in for a mutual massage Singapore, you should have an open mind and an open heart in order to get the full benefit of the procedure. If you have any inhibitions or doubts, have an open chat with your therapist before you begin your session. If she is a true professional she will take time to explain the process to you and answer all your questions before the session starts. Do remember, a therapist who has agreed to conduct a mutual massage Singapore for you, should be treated at par with a teacher who is not just helping you through one sessions but granting you life skills that you will find handy even later.

Take things slow


At the beginning of a mutual massage Singapore, your therapist will ask you to undress each other gently once she has ensured the ambience is right. Soft music, aromatic candles and dim lights are used to create the perfect atmosphere. Undress your partner as slowly as you can, submitting to each other completely. Once you have undressed, take each other’s permission to carry out a massage. The key to a good mutual massage is to take things slow and enjoy and understand each step.

Your therapist is likely to strip herself down in order to guide you effectively. Follow her lead in gently relaxing your partner. Begin by releasing the stress in his shoulders arms and neck. Make the full use of your hands to feel your partner’s pain. When you love each other truly and care for each other enough, your hands and heart do the talking. Take the warm oil in your palms and massage each other’s body parts as you therapist instructs you to do. Be in no hurry to go down to the genitals and concentrate on rubbing and massaging each other lovingly and caringly.

Once you are done with your upper body, your mutual massage therapist Singapore will ask you to reach down to the legs and inner thighs and rub each other there. Follow the soothing voice of your therapist and reach the genitals. If you are experiencing a mutual massage Singapore for the very first time, your therapist will ask you to go one at a time, and usually ask a woman to give her man a lingam massage or a massage of the essential area. The gentleman is then asked to give his lady a yoni massage or a massage of the private area. At the end of the mutual massage Singapore you will find all your stress has ebbed away and you have come closer as a couple. Its not about having body intimacy, but awakening each other’s sensuality. Contact us to reach the goal of a mutual massage Singapore.

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