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If you’ve ever gone to a spa and received a massage treatment, you know just how soothing and relaxing it can be. Tantric massage spa therapy has the ability to clear your mind and calm your mind, body, and soul, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated. While there are various massage therapies practiced around the world, one treatment that promises to give you a wild experience and expose you to an exciting dimension of this type of therapy is Tantric massage. It is the perfect procedure for those who enjoy relaxation, mixed with privacy and sensual pleasure.

Tantric massage spa can be defined as a sensual body massage that begins slowly with light caresses before escalating to firm strokes. The use of props such as feathers and other items can also be incorporated in the procedure, as well as music, incense, and scented oils. The goal is to calm your mind and allow yourself to forget about your life worries.

History of Tantric Massage
Tantra is a form of lifestyle that originated from India between 300 and 400 CE. This is when the maiden Buddhist and Hindu Tantric texts were written down in the form of poetic metaphors alluding to togetherness and divine love. Back then, tantric teachings were highly protected and transmitted strictly from master to disciple. And this came only after years of preparation and purification. It was in the 11th and 12th centuries that Tantra reached its climax and was practiced openly and widely in India. Rajneesh is an Indian guru who did a lot to popularize Tantra in a way he understood best and according to his personal understanding. His teachings are more popularly referred to as neo-Tantra given that they are a result of his personal analysis of the classical manuscripts.  Benefits of Tantric massage. There are numerous benefits that getting a Tantric massage Singapore can offer.

Apart from the usual relaxation that you get from tantric massage spa, this kind of therapy will:

Relieve your stress
There is no denying that a good massage makes for a good time, but Tantra massage goes beyond merely fixing your body physically. While a conventional massage therapist can offer you physical relief and ease your muscle pain, not many can guarantee you inner peace and balance at the end of the session. When Tantra massage is performed with true appreciation, participants are likely to experience comfort, relaxation, and energy release throughout their whole being.

Allows you to explore your spirituality
There is nothing as liberating as being aware of your body and its capabilities. Apart from enabling you to discover a connection within yourself and towards your partner, Tantra massage further opens the door to a spiritual dimension. This new and exciting leeway to spiritual evolution will touch your inner being in ways that cannot be explained.

Increases your energy and vitality
One of the impacts that Tantric massage will have on your body is the increase in stamina. This bodily massage brings to life specific areas of the body that have for long been shackled and confined while repairing the effects of wear and tear on your body. The implication is that you become more prolific in various aspects of your life.

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