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As its name suggests, the tantric massage is a ritual taught in tantra. It is the sacred esoteric books leading to a form of Hinduism. The ancient traditions to Indian and Chinese times deeply influence and transform it to one of the best sensual massage.

In line with the essence of Tantric massage Singapore, it is a subtle love exchange. Today, the spas and traditional massage parlours, between partners practice it. It is highly erotic making it difficult – if not impossible – to find a therapist. The masseur uses a warm or hot essential oil.

It is different from other massage techniques. It does not have fixed standards. Both sensual, enveloping and energizing tantric massage involves large movements of connections between all parts of the body and touches on the seven chakras (energy points).

It is difficult to track the kneading movements, light pressure and especially soft and slow effleurage mentally. The masseur’s hands slide to the head of the receiver as if he was riding high on his body.

Introducing into the body a quivering vibration, to make it into a total relaxation is the main idea of the whole sacred massage. The tantric massage includes the sacred region: hands touch it lightly and regularly. Sensory pleasure is not even sought. Instead, because this massage helps him to learn controlling his impulses, the fluid and his energy at the same time.

Throughout the tantric massage, breathing is essential : Deep breathe performed by the diaphragm relax massaged. It aims to unlock his emotions to allow him access to beneficial sensations of touch. Particularly sensual tantric massage for first goal body awareness, beyond the control of the mind. It is far from automatic behaviors and actions of everyday life. This is why it helps to build a true sensual two-time without interfering thoughts. In the Tantric tradition, these movements awaken inspiration for women and the vital forces in humans.

For followers of this philosophy , Tantric massage Singapore is an experience both sensual and spiritual

What you should know about Tantra Massage

Tantra massage Singapore is not just any ordinary massage technique. Tantra involves meditation and a cleansing process. A tantric massage Singapore will thus have a purging effect on your body and soul. At the end of your massage session, you will see that there is peace and positive energies flowing through your being. This is a massage technique that needs you to be undressed completely, so do as your therapist instructs you to do.

A tantra massage Singapore begins with the process of making you relax. The therapist use the fine essential oil all over of your body and work on the tantric massage with her smooth touch massaging the chamber. As you may already guessed, the sensation begin with rhythmic touches that you will bring you to the brink, variety spices of life during the process. There is nothing to worry about even if you do not reach climax, because that is not the main goal of tantric massage Singapore. The tantric therapy is to awaken your natural sensuousness that lies and recesses in your soul. So when you get back home to your love one you will find the ultimate difference on how to explore and expand the horizon of your relationship.

At the outset you should bear in mind that when a massage therapist agrees to give you a Tantra massage Singapore, she is not agreeing to offer unfavourable request. She has all the right to stop the process at once if you make lewd suggestions at a time of her giving you a Tantra massage.


Are you travelling to the colourful and welcoming land of Singapore?

If you are looking forward to a truly oriental experience while at Singapore, we would recommend you to try out a Tantric massage Singapore. At the outset, let us explain to you the reason why a tantric massage Singapore is beneficial to you.

Stress fraught all of us in our life. As much as we try to avoid it, it starts showing up in our personal relationships.

It even interferes most of us together with the person whom you share your bed with. If the physical relationship between you and your lover is showing signs of stress, a Tantric massage can be very healing.

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