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Massage is known to provide stress relief and if you are stressed at work you may wish to organize a session for yourself wherever is convenient for you. It is also now offered in Singapore hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and even in your own home. Most people receive massages in a massage center where there is a common commercial setting, such as a spa, wellness program center.


Here are some tips to make you comfortable for your first massage therapy experience:

– Know the basics of massage. You need to be at least a brief understanding of the benefits of the massage so that you can express to the therapist what you really need, where you are in pain or the nature of your stress.
– Do not eat a heavy meal. A full stomach will be difficult or painful to lie on.
– Be early. You need to be in a relaxed state before the session begins. If you are late or in a rush, your body may be more stressed that it should be and you may miss out on some valuable massage time.
– Give accurate information about your health. When you meet your therapist, you will be asked about your health and what parts of your body you are most stressed. Be as accurate as possible when you give your health information to your therapist as this will be their gauge on what type of massage you need. You should also inform your therapist if you have allergies with oils, lotions as they will use one of these reduce friction on your skin.
– Give feedback to your therapist during the session so that they can adjust the pressure or speed of hand movement should you find the massage painful. Sometimes, the therapist needs to adjust the technique that they use so that they will be able to pay more attention to any muscles that are overly tense in – order to make you these muscles loosen up.
– Do not get off the table too fast after the massage. It is common to feel dizzy or light-headed after a massage as you may be in a highly relaxed state. So take your time to sit up slowly, and then sit a moment before you stand to get dressed.
– Drink plenty of water after the session.   If you have decided to have your first massage experience then this list will help you prepare to have a great massage experience.

If they enjoy what they are doing then they must be comfortable with clients who are just making sure that they are in good hands. A professional Singapore therapist will tell you if your questions are inappropriate in a graceful manner. Like any other careers, a massage therapist deserves respect so you also need to be careful of how you ask your questions of them.

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